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Fantasy Chronicles Hack

Fantasy Chronicles Hack can provide you with free gold, diamond and unbound diamond resources for this game! Made by the IN-HACK team.


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A huge number of players realtime PK of 3D edges, novel pets and bloodline shapeshift use Fantasy Chronicles Hack.


Dream Fantasy Chronicles Hack is a 3D dream MMORPG perfect work of art of charming variant. It imaginatively permits you to ride those dazzling, interesting pets and gives bounty capacities. For example, Bloodline Awakening, Dynamic AI Instances, Real-time Day and Night. A great many abilities are accessible with the expectation of complimentary blend. Excellent Halidom, Gears and Suits are all yours. Single mode, Team mode and Legion engagement in Wild PK. Inundate players in a fresh out of the box new MMORPG world.


  • Unlocked realtime wild fights permits a huge number of players to battle in one screen.
  • Inimitable pets are your rides as well as associates in battle.
  • Legion War understands a 60V60 realtime war zone.
  • No impediment! Free battle, organized commerce, free wild PK.
  • Awake your antiquated Bloodline: one part, two shapes.
  • A mammoth world guide, shift of day and night, dynamic lighting, world’s top picture quality.
  • Plane framework makes it contrast to carry in various scenes and appreciate different battle styles.
  • Brilliant gathering of various extravagance styles will show your refined taste.

An apex of portable diversions in 2016, a cartoonish 3D MMORPG perfect work of art. Fantasy Chronicles, a hit of this current year!

Gameplay Introduction
  • Exciting PVP: Innovative World Boss, Pillage and Escort journeys, wonderful Legion Wars, Arena, Wild PK… All of them will fulfill your slaughtering hunger, satisfy your craving for magnificence and demonstrate your staggering charm as a dynast!
  • Conquest: One server VS one individual! Unbelievable Red Gears will appear here!
  • Pet Expedition: Our inventive gameplay! Pets will get new capacities through bloodline development and collaborate for campaign. They beat every one of the troubles to bring back uncommon trophy for their proprietor!

Conclusion Tips: You can pick Chinese or English Language form openly.


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